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I just don't like Kelly Brook. She comes across as nothing but a dopey tart.
Like I said, I'm not a fan of Katie Price but at least she's not afraid to voice her opinions and has a personality.
She is also a very successful business woman which can't be denied. I do admire her for that.
I don't approve of the way she lives her lovelife and that's none of my business but I do find myself reading her newspaper column and agreeing with almost everything she says.
Kelly seems to be just a lads mag centrefold who gets a new man when she has a film to promote, she seems to be a bit of an airhead to me.
That's just my opinion...
Katie and her fans like to promote the succesful business woman label but where is the proof. I strongly suspect she owes her success to the people behind the scenes. No way does KP write the novels, the life stories or the sun exclusives, she can't string two words together unless they are "I do". As for designing, well just look at her, she looks like she needs a good wash. Victoria Beckham wears her own designs and looks good in them, you can see why people would want them, but KP, no chance
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