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For those contributors to/readers of this thread mulling over what newspaper they should pick up today, may I recommend The Times. With it being the 20th anniversary of Bobby Moore's death this week, Jonathan Pearce has written a long article in today's Times about his memories of working with Bobby on Capital Radio during the late 1980s and early 1990s, with them working together right up until the week of Bobby's untimely death.

It is a moving and heartfelt tribute containing some lovely little stories from Jonathan and Bobby's work at Italia 90 and Euro 92 so it is well worth a read. It is also an antidote to the lazy comments you hear/read about Bobby's stint as a co-commentator on Sportstime in his final years, as if a job which going by JP's recollections he clearly enjoyed was some kind of hardship for him (while I agree the football authorities should have done more to honour him in his later years, it irks me when people write negatively about his radio work as if working on commercial radio was somehow beneath him).
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