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ive just finished my first reading of GONE GIRL.....Its a brilliant brilliant thriller, so full of twists and turns. Its by Gillian Flinn. Its one of those stories that you cant really describe cos if you do you will give away the story.....

but its written 2 handedly between a husband and wife...Amy and Nick. its set in middle america, Amy disappears on the morning of their 5 th wedding anniversary and the book is the story of the search for her.

Amy is a psychology major/writer and her husband is a normal run of the mill average, good looking guy..who was a writer and who now runs a bar with his twin sister.

I dont think it will destroy the story, if I say Amy has a very keen sense of justice, cant bear to be wronged, and she has a very manipulative ways of getting back at anyone who upsets her. So the book is a fascinating study of how and why people do things....And its a very clever detective story/thriller.

Ive read it once, and know the story, now im going to go back to look at some of the details.!!
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