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At least Kelly has modelling contracts and is successful at what she does, which is more than Katie Price is. If Kelly's a 'dopey tart' that hardly makes KP a member of Mensa.

Oh, she has a personality all right - a nasty one. She's a businesswoman whose promoted products seem to have failed lately in the main. Derby House have dumped her from their equestrian line, Asda blew her out when she made tactless remarks about women with breast cancer.....I could go on.

Kelly's 'just a lad's mag centrefold'? What is Katie Price then? A washed up glamma model who used to get her plastic t*ts out regularly and now that no one one wants to know any more has to resort to insulting younger and more successful women.
I've always thought of Kelly as being a bit of an air-head but she's probably smarter than a lot would give her credit for. As for 'tart', I don't think that's a fair summing up from that other poster.

Katie/Jordan, whatever she calls herself now, has never been a nice person. The way she treats those closest to her is a perfect example of how she really is. She has no self-respect either, or she wouldn't have butchered her body in the way that she has. She doesn't like herself and so therefore takes out her self-loathing on others, mainly women. She's a misogynist, but she's always been the same. I remember the unnecessary attacks on Jodie Marsh and other females.

Katie's still acting in the same spiteful, childish way she always has done. She's nearly 35 now. She sure needs to grow up a bit.

I see on her Twitter page, she's called herself a singer and author! FGS! Don't you have to be able to sing to call yourself a singer, and write your own books to call yourself an author?!
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