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BIB. I agree. Slate the mother, but imo its below the belt to target the children, especially if that little boy has got a squint....he can't help that.
She wants perfect children, who look perfect who do are academically brilliant. However they are not, they will have different personalities and will not all be academically brilliant.
She is targetting other peoples children for rejection and teaching her children to be snobs, that look down on those that do not fit their social requirements. She judges children by their names....You are right the little boy can't help having a squint but other children can't help being less that perfect either or the names they are given. Yet she judges them for it, without looking at herself.

Looking at the garish party invitation in my daughter's hand, my heart sank. The venue was bad enough: the dirty, sticky soft play area at our local leisure centre. But the name of the birthday girl told me all I needed to know.
With her pierced ears, passion for pink leggings and array of electronic play equipment, Charmaine is definitely not the sort of child I want my daughter associating with. Pretending to look at my diary, I sighed. 'Oh what a shame. We're busy on that day.'
Poppy looked disappointed until I promised to organise an extra tennis lesson. 'Why don't you invite Maisie?' I suggested, naming a classmate I do approve of.

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I was one of those kids that was pushed out of my best friends life because I wasn't academic enough... Yet it was my friend to rebelled, was living in a squat with friends aged sixteen and heavily into drugs. He acceptable academic friends became bohemian, grungy teenagers...I was dyslexic and worked very hard to get my qualifications.
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