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Been with BE for 4 years now and always found them to be one of the best around but as of the last 2 months I have lost all faith in them.

I started to notice that from 2pm until around 7/8pm I would get no end of disconnections, only for say 2 minutes but this would happen around 15 times a day.

So I got in contact with BE, who did some line tests over the week, I brought new filters, plugged straight in to the test socket and still the problems happened. BE came back to me and told me everything their end was fine and the fault must be my end.

So I phoned up BT got them to do some test and I also did quite line tests at different times of the day, all of this came back fine. After this , BE agreed to send me a new modem out, which I got a couple of weeks ago.

This is the strange part, when I used the new modem for the first time in weeks I got no disconnections for 3 whole days, the longest I had been without one in ages, so I finally thought it was all solved...but no. The problems then started again, this time though it was different.

Instead of having disconnections in the afternoon/early evening time, I would get 4/5 disconnections throughout the whole day, after each one, the connection would be stable for around 4 hours before the next disconnection.

This Tuesday BE agreed to send a BT engineer out to test all my phone lines and my exchange cabinet. He was here for 2 hours and 1 hour at the exchange, everything came back fine, no faults at all.

Yet I am still getting disconnections as of today but BE will still not accept it is their fault, despite everything my end now being proved to be working fine.

What can I do?
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