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He could still be in the skate off

Leader board:

Matt 5
Gareth 4
Beth 3
Luke 2
Samia 1

Public vote:

Samia (rebound) 5
Luke 4
Beth 3
Gareth 2
Matt 1

Which means they all have a total of 6 points

Public vote is the decider in a tie so it would be a Matt v Gareth skate off.

I know it's most unlikely to happen but it does show first place doesn't guarantee you'll be safe
If the leaderboard is like that, he could also be in the SO if the public vote goes like this:

Luke 5
Beth 4
Gareth 3
Samia/Matt 2
Matt/Samia 1

Leaving Luke, Beth and Gareth with 7, Matt with 6 or 7 and Samia with 2 or 3, meaning a Matt v Samia SO
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