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I just don't like Kelly Brook. She comes across as nothing but a dopey tart.
Like I said, I'm not a fan of Katie Price but at least she's not afraid to voice her opinions and has a personality.
She is also a very successful business woman which can't be denied. I do admire her for that.
I don't approve of the way she lives her lovelife and that's none of my business but I do find myself reading her newspaper column and agreeing with almost everything she says.
Kelly seems to be just a lads mag centrefold who gets a new man when she has a film to promote, she seems to be a bit of an airhead to me.
That's just my opinion...
Kelly may not be the sharpest knife in the block but she is savvy enough to earn her money from just looking good & natural and doesn't need a posse of hangers on & business people flapping round her to do it.
Of course she isn't afraid to voice her opinions----she gets paid to be a motor-mouth in the Scum & also knows the value of dropping in shock comments in interviews designed to get her press coverage. Like her alleged assaults in the past--no proof they happened.Just her say so & yet she has men she dated in the past under suspicion . And Reid's penchant for vodka (bottles).So her 'opinions' are often given for shock value & to instigate debate & gain more pictures of herself in the press that she can google and slaver/drool over.
She is not a successful business woman. She couldn't even be trusted with her own money at one point. She is a figure head for savvy business people like her bro etc who suggest projects & set everything up. Like she REALLY goes to the factories that produce her horse tatt & rubbish clothes range.Or sits down to design clothes or write books.
Her love life is everyone's business because she throws the lurid details out there for discussion,sells K&Ts & keeps dragging new fathers into her children's lives.
Yes Kelly is a Centrefold.Because she has natural assets---a good curvey figure,a pretty face,and wonderful skin. All natural. While KP is a has-been,half plastic,absurdly shaped,an immovable face and has the kind of skin used to make durable handbags & is heading rapidly into Bride Of Wildenstein territory.
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