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Hopkins is just the latest professional troll a la Samantha Brick & Liz Jones employed by The DM to get their website hits up.

However, she has done the remarkable thing of making Jones and Brick look like veritable angels Hopkins is a true abomination and actually incredibly thick and blinkered. I had a look on her website earlier and she is a huge fan of Thatcher (quelle surprise). She lists reasons why Thatcher was so much better than Blair.. Firstly, she would never have employed Peter Mandleson in her cabinet. Well no, but she did employ Jeffrey Archer Also, Thatcher never let her kids encumber her political career. Well, no, but Mark Thatcher was 24 when she was in power.

Hopkins deserves nothing but derision. It's her poor kids I feel sorry for - and no-one should be criticising them as it is stooping to her level.
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