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I've always thought of Kelly as being a bit of an air-head but she's probably smarter than a lot would give her credit for. As for 'tart', I don't think that's a fair summing up from that other poster.

Katie/Jordan, whatever she calls herself now, has never been a nice person. The way she treats those closest to her is a perfect example of how she really is. She has no self-respect either, or she wouldn't have butchered her body in the way that she has. She doesn't like herself and so therefore takes out her self-loathing on others, mainly women. She's a misogynist, but she's always been the same. I remember the unnecessary attacks on Jodie Marsh and other females.

Katie's still acting in the same spiteful, childish way she always has done. She's nearly 35 now. She sure needs to grow up a bit.

I see on her Twitter page, she's called herself a singer and author! FGS! Don't you have to be able to sing to call yourself a singer, and write your own books to call yourself an author?!
She despises other women & can't maintain a friendship for any length of time. Heaton has only survived because she lives so far from KP & they rarely meet other than for hen do's & bridesmaid dress fittings.No wonder Heaton snuck off to get married on the QT. She likely knew planning a big wedding would mean having to have the freak KP as a bridesmaid taking the limelight & hogging the pictures like she did at the gay guys wedding. She is scathing of prettier girls like Kelly B and prefers the company of her gay guys to that of girls/women. Even her own mother gets no respect from her .
Yep,def misogynist.
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