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This is such an important thread I hope it isn't moved or locked. I've been following it since the Savile story broke and it's very informative and engaging. I just wanted to thank the regular contributors who keep it going, because something like this needs to be talked about and out there in the open.
I wondered if it would continue for long after it got quiet following some arguments last year, if I remember right. I was a bit concerned people might get annoyed with me posting links/posts at one point as I seemed almost the only person still contributing (and I know my posts can be a bit random or asking things no-one can really answer) but thats not the case anymore. I've noticed more recently that people have posted here with usernames I didn't recognise but of course thats fine, everyone is welcome to post (as long as the posts aren't cruel/offensive of course or anything like that)

The view count for this thread is pretty impressive as well - currently its at 113,051 I presume that indicates there are quite a few people who like to lurk and see whats being said without necessarily posting themselves?.
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