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It is a great pity that one can not get a good book about Russia or China in Britain. One I read a couple of years ago about Chairman Mao was simply a total rubbishing job, and one about Kruschev who is an interesting man, by Willam Taubman, seemed to be written as a primer for schoolchildren whose title ought to b 'Why all Rusians are evil and bad'. It does not even mention Krushchev hammering his shoe at the UN after the Gary Powers incident. I suppose the publisher was scared that we might like K. for that.
Didn't the Taubman book get lotsa good reviews and
win a Pulitzer Prize? Seems like people thought
it was a good history book.

Back to S.T. Joshi... I've really gone off his work after
I came across this appalling 1993 interview with him
on the old alt.horror.cthulhu group. Joshi describes
Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard as
" two-bit hack writers who never amounted
to anything and never will" and then says this:

(Robert M.) Price: Howard held the gun to his own head.

[Audience laughs.]

Joshi: Yeah, yeah. I only wish Howard had held the gun to his head a little _earlier_.
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