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Joan Collins was signing on just before her career was resurrected in Dynasty.That would've been a sight,her in the dole cue looking glamorous.
She only did it the once.

With her dark glasses, expensive chiffon dress and designer shoes, the woman in the dole queue could not have looked more out of place among the down-and-outs, deadbeats and drunks shuffling towards the counter.

She had arrived at the unemployment benefit office on Los Angeles's Santa Monica Boulevard in a glittering gold Mercedes.

When she reached the front of the queue, the clerk behind the desk gave a gasp of astonishment. "Weren't you Joan Collins?" she asked, her eyes widening.

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Reinvention: from dole queue to sex symbol

"I still am," muttered the woman. "Then what are you doing here?"asked the clerk.

"I'm not working at the moment," mumbled the actress, inwardly cursing the Hollywood friends who had talked her into signing on. "I'm resting."

Within seconds the entire room was agog. Joan Collins? The actress? On the dole?

The clerk was brisk. Had she been trying seriously to get a job? Had she tried anything other than acting? Waitressing, perhaps? Working in an office? Typing?

Eventually Joan was given a slip to say she would be paid her benefit in a couple of weeks, once her case had been investigated.

But as she sped off in the Mercedes, red-faced, she felt so humiliated that she swore not to return for the money - and never again to ask for a handout from anyone.
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