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The only thing that worries me is a lot of the other people have done Reality TV and I don't want Alex to even consider it!
She isn't stupid, she will NOT do that... though if worse comes to the worse, a singing kind of reality tv show would be good to re-connect the public and re-show her vocal ability but ye.. i do NOT want any reality tv.

though N-Dubz manager did get them a reality programme, a programme could work well for alex because that is what she is lacking ATM regarding the UK, she isn't connecting with the public what so ever... and the negativity surrounding her just keeps increasing.

Though lately, i do feel her public rep is getting a lil' better.. all in good time as they say.

If she has got the man who managed N-Dubz, then the outcome should be quite good... he is dedicated and knows what he is doing. Anything is progression from that bloody nip gal char grant...

And ye, I PRAY we get a US launch this year and I'm sure her management would be different regarding a US launch anyway, she'd need someone who knows the US well etc. But i'm sure they'll sort that closer to the time IF it happens.

Alex just needs good material, be able to re-connect with the general public which shows like From The Heart will do, she deffo needs to get on more shows like that while she's off the scene and like other people mentioned, a few collabarations wouldn't go a miss.. she needs to keep her name relevant.
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