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Morning all

It is - 1 here. No snow though thank goodness.

A friend coming down for the weekend and out to lunch tomorrow with some lovely friends - if there is no snow! I still have bathrooms to do and need to wash my hair (which looks awful!). Hairdresser for me next week!

Spent two hours looking at curtain fabric yesterday. Could not believe the prices - 100 a meter for some of them. Spoke to another customer and she suggested one of the discount fabric places so will investigate - I need 15 meters for my patio doors!

Well folks it is that time of year - thinking about our spring/summer get together. Although afternoon tea seems tempting it can be expensive and it would also mean getting home late.

Suggestion has been another lunch - perhaps another venue than the place we usually meet which would cost about 20 - 30.

Suggestions have been to meet in May. If you are interested, please PM me by the 6 March. Please also let me know if you have other suggestions for restaurants, cafes etc - or if you would like to go back to our usual meeting place. Also, please let me know if a weekday or Saturday is best for you.

Must get on - busy weekend ahead. Look forward to your PMs.
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