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Lot's of talk about sky pricing of late. I thought I would share with you my thought's on thinking about getting sky.

I like watching sport and sky show lot's of it. Over the last few days I have seriously been looking into getting sky (even after some of my rant's). But it is to much money.
We're on this planet once for a relatively short time. to save a couple of quid a day (about the same price as a Starbucks) to deny yourself the enjoyment of watching sports you want to, is bit of a shame.

Pub lunch cost us 30 on Monday. That's about half a full month's Sky HD sports/movies subscription. The lunch only lasted 90 minutes, compared to a fortnight of Sky. If I had to choose which one to drop, it would 100% be the lunch.

BTW Ken, great golf last night with the "Nike Brothers" both out in the first round of the WGC.
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