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I think you're reading into it wrong to be honest. It suggests a legal form of increasing male hormones - which is what testosterone does illegally.
Honestly, if anything like the IOC or drug sporting bodies raided the house of any top flight athlete, I'd be amazed not to see something like that found. I would imagine you could go to most of his competitors and find similar. It's a natural - and so legal - way of hormone boosting. Some of the sporting benefits without the nasty failing of drug tests and bans.

Depending on where he was in his training cycle at the time, there is also the possiblity it is old stuff that has been hanging around for some time. Top athletes are very blase about phials and injections - some of them have even been known to keep the actual illegal stuff in the fridge next to the milk!

Which I assume, would be the reason for the drug tests. Which is another thing, as an internation sportsperson, his blood and hormone profiles will be extremely well documented. If there was a spike from the normal levels, it will be easy to see.
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