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Im watching these Cheers re-runs for the very first time and as a new viewer I have realy loved all the episodes so far. However, this new season is feeling like a let down so far. A few things just arent right with it.

Diane leaving was one thing, but it was a double shock to have Sam selling the bar, and the whole dynamic of the show changing. It was unbelievable to think that Sam would sell the bar and then come back as "just" a barman. Also the repetative storyline of Sam trying to get it on with Diane has now simply been changed to Sam trying to bed Rebecca. Hardly gound breaking.

One of the biggest turn offs has neen the ridiculous Carla / Eddie romance. Are we realy meant to believe that a professional ice hockey player would go for Carla, an annoying women with absolutely no likeable redeeming features whatsoever. Its not helped by the fact the actor playing him has the charisma of a bag of potatoes. He leaves me cold.

There are plus points though. Frasier and Lillith are excellent are already proving to be the stars of the show and Cliff and Norm are constantly hilarious.

As I said, Im a new viewer so hopefully as the season goes on Rebecca will settle into the role and show will have a more "familiar" feel to it.
Rebecca will (hopefully) grow on you, I didn't like her at first when she joined. She comes into her own as the series progress

Sam selling the bar was a bit of a shocked, but I actually think it helped the dynamic of the show. If he was still the owner when Rebecca joined, the show would have risked being a rerun of the first Diane year

Cliff moving out of home makes him funnier, especially when he's properly trading barbs with Carla.

I'd forgotten about Norm's weird perm that's currently making an appearance
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