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Steady ratings there.

For what's a comedy series, Sadie J isn't doing very well, especially considering it usually focuses on celebrity/current trends etc.

Seems only The Dumping Ground can actually be above that slot average then.

exc/inc +1
Tipping Point: 2.16m (19.2%) / 2.25m (20.0%)

DOND seems higher with +1. A sudden rise for Countdown, surprised no one has noticed this. Common Denominator rather steady, Tipping Point doing brilliantly and Face the Clock (repeats going on what is said on here) are doing OK.

Would like the same CBBC ratings (Sparticle Mystery, All Over the Place USA and Deadly Mission Madagascar) for yesterday, but this time including Dani's Castle, Blue Peter and Fierce Earth (teatime, if that's the term you want to use for that block).

Regarding last night's ratings, The Chase and Pointless seem to be hovering around 3m, not much of a sudden rise but they need to give both shows a break. Tipping Point finishes it's current run on Tuesday I believe so the ratings for The Chase will make for interesting reading afterwards, as it isn't being given a 2m lead-in. Good for the football, didn't expect to see Emmerdale so close to EastEnders.
If anything I would say I didn't expect 2 see EE so close 2 ED as they both slightly clashed.
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