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On 3D i have read recently that soon the BBC two year test of 3D comes to an end and they are moving on to the next 4k/8k type broadcast technologies
As for sky, I'm sure they are just doing a bit for F1 to justify their investment of 3d cameras and staff etc. to their shareholders. It seems to have ended everywhere else.
Ive watched a bit of Sport in 3d in pubs, clubs and at a few houses and thought 'oh is that it'
Having seen 3d come and go a number of times over my 50 years on earth, I have to laugh at it and think 'seen it all before and really whats the point'.
Hoping it will end soon, so the investment can go on something else.
If sky want to continue with 3D then the best of luck to them.

With DQF, for the BBC to continue, would be a folly.

I know the consumer electronics industry need new gimmicks to keep the industry running but it's not for me.
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