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Elissa Richards
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I'd thought Monaco would have been one that BBC would always do live. I like though that they've fired one back at Bernie's fees by taking it off Free To Air TV. Bet Bernie didn't expect that to happen his 'jewel'.
I suspect they possibly dropped Monaco because it's usually mind numblingly boring and processional. The BBC took a lot of stick via online comments last year for picking Monaco over races such as Canada. I'd be more inclined to think they're trying to maximise their customer satisfaction, irking Bernie would just be an added bonus

I thought this summed up Monaco quite well:

Changing subject: Looking through the events calendar there's not a lot on this weekend except the WRC from Portugal and the Daytona 500. I'm not a fan of Nascar but can appreciate the 'spectacle' so will probably tune in for the start and end (the other 400 odd laps are usually dead weight!). Probably gonna hit some endurance racing online to get me racing fix
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