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I can never agree with the argument that Sky Sports is too expensive. A Premier League game is 40, a day at the test getting on for 100, rugby league 20......

For an extra 20 a month (barely 5 pints these days) I get access to all of these and infinitely more. Seems more than fair to me.
Well that's because you have got it. It seems to be very hard for people to realise how have how expensive it actually is or seems to non customers.

I had SS1 and 2 for a short while but because I've never had the full thing and really got into it I don't know what it's and don't have the real craving for it. It would be nice but just because something is nice doesn't mean I should get it.

I'd rather take my kids on one last big family holiday. Something we would remember for the rest of our lives. It's fascinating how different people chose to spend there money. Anyway I don't really like sitting around I'm always out and about so I don't think I would ever use the service enough to get good value for money.

Also spending the money on a night out down the local is great fun. and you get sky on the TV there! That's value for money. In my opinion. Few drinks, lots of laughs, game of darts, couple of frames of snooker. No money left, stumble home, get chucked out by wife. The end.

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