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Hello to all a very mean wind blowing here today, bbrrr! Temperature's have taken a plummet again haven't they?

I have an appointment with the ironing bag again today and the oven is crying out for attention. I must find the instruction book as there is a cleaning setting that I've never used (well it is quite new and I've given it a wipe out now and again). I think it's some kind of steam thing as I vaguely recall something about putting water in the to find the manual....easier said than done lol.

Hope you're all ok.

Waiting with baited breath as to how the dog walk went augusta.
Your book sounds interesting I may look for that next time I'm on amazon.
its very cold here lena
snow flurries this morn

self cleaning ovens
are the best, mine has a setting
that goes super hot and burns all the dirt of
so you are just left with, sort of ash on the bottom
hope you find the manual
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