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I know this is Liverpool, but just wanted to paste this to allow others outside Liverpool (fan-wise) the chance to view this and get in their thoughts.

I can't help but think that to quite a degree, I feel at a low ebb and that our season is finished and not really having anything to play for.

I supported Liverpool since the mid 1980s so one could argue the point of me being a glory hunter, but like many others, have gone through the rough and the smooth.

Maybe this particular season isn't as bad as the following:

1993/94 - Souness's final season

1998/99 - The worst and Roy Evans' final season as Gerrard Houllier takes sole control

2003/04 - Houllier's final season - remember BBC Radio 5 live on a Sunday for a fair few rings being inundated with callers of Liverpool fans that desperately wanted Houllier out.

2009/10 - Rafa's final season - from a club challenging for the title in the previous season, to a landslide

2010/11 - Roy Hodgson - crashing out to Northampton in the League cup was a real low ebb for Liverpool


OK, we may still finish in the top 6, but will this season join the above list???
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