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"11.38 Interesting tangential swipe by Paxman at BBC being "full of radio people", specifically Helen Boaden (previously controller of Radio 4 and Director of BBC News) and Peter Rippon (previously editor of multiple programmes at Radio 4 before being appointed Editor of Newsnight), amongst others.

He is sympathetic to Rippon after his treatment by the BBC, however, after he decided to axe a Newsnight investigation into Savile and was then left to take the full force of the media's criticism with little support from management behind his decision. "
I believe Paxman has said previously he was unaware of the Savile investigation...if people are interested in Savile then they should be looking at Jones, MacKean and Rippon's statements?

Or those pretending to be concerned about child abuse really just interested in salacious gossip?
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