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If we finish 6th or up I'd call that a decent end to the season to be honest. Given that most tipped us for midtable at best and some said we'd be fighting relegation.

I also don't buy into the fact there's nothing to play for. We have European football to play for. Top 4? Almost certainly not, but we should fight to get ourselves as close as possible and mainly to try to get ourselves 6th place. And hopefully putting pressure on 5th.

We may not be at the heights we've known in the past, but this season could go down as a turning point for us, or it could go down as the start of a real decline, but I don't think its importance will be know for another few yet.
Brendan Rodgers has definitely got something there, and there was evidence of that clearly last night. Compared to 2008/09, Gerrard and Torres single-handedly won us a lot of the matches on another we wouldn't have won.

The message he's gotta drive loud and clear is to urge the players to play for futures. There's a part of me that would like to give Brendan another season, but he's got to bring in some new players as well as weed out those who just aren't good enough.

The defense has to be one of the areas that genuinely needs addressing.
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