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Today is my weigh-in day.

81.5kg. Down from 82kg last week. Loss of 0.5kg, or a pound and a little bit.

Not spectacularly fast, but I'm happy to be consistently losing small amounts each week now.
Mine too. 87.05kg. Exactly what I was on 4th February but that was after 3 days' of eating virtually nothing due to illness. I knew it wouldn't be maintained. In the greater scheme of things (and this is a long-term change after all) I've lost 3.6kg (just under 8 lbs) in just over 6 weeks.

I'm with you - slow and consistent and accepting it won't be the same every week is the way to go. I'm meeeting up this evening with a friend who went on to Lighter Life a couple of months ago (something like 550 cals / day) so I'll be interested in how he's done but it's not for me.
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