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The obsession with Liverpool on this forum is borderline maddening.

They are a team in transition, everyone needs to get the head together that Liverpool are NOT a big force anymore (not saying they won't be in the future) but at this time they are an average top half Premier League side.

The attention they get at times is embarassing and the amount of digs thrown at them on the forum equally so
I can sort of understand it, We have seen less sucessful clubs form the past become major forces in football but we have not really seen a true force in English fooball lose its place in football like Liverpool have. Depending on the age of people they have either lived though the years where Liverpool was the team or would have just missed out on it and heard about it in great detail as it is recent history to them.

For people who lived though the Liverpool years its difficult to see how this happened and for those who its recent history for can not quite see how the Liverpool that have been told about tallys about with the club they see today
I think if in a few years Man Utd was in Liverpools place you would see just as many topics about it.
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