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Great start today - had a Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast.

That's your treat, just forget it and move on to eating more healthily at your next meal. If you count calories you can have pretty much any food as long as it comes into your count total.

What sort of job do you do? I've managed to exercise at least once a week since the beginning of January, but I also think that a large part of my generally being fitter is that I walk around a lot more at work. Luckily the nature of my job is such that walking round almost makes me better at it! (Although my year 11 class said I made them dizzy one day...)

Do you travel by car or public transport? Can you get off a stop earlier and walk?

I'm a firm believer that anything you can do to make you more active in any way is a big winner.
Absolutely, I can't exercise but I am moving more and dogs have not looked as fit for a while as little 10 minute walks several times a day are easier for me to fit in and do.

Mine too. 87.05kg. Exactly what I was on 4th February but that was after 3 days' of eating virtually nothing due to illness. I knew it wouldn't be maintained. In the greater scheme of things (and this is a long-term change after all) I've lost 3.6kg (just under 8 lbs) in just over 6 weeks.

I'm with you - slow and consistent and accepting it won't be the same every week is the way to go. I'm meeeting up this evening with a friend who went on to Lighter Life a couple of months ago (something like 550 cals / day) so I'll be interested in how he's done but it's not for me.
I cannot see how these diets work ?? they are not teaching the person to have a change they can sustain for life, which is what we all need.
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