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In this country we revere football players, regardless of their success, they are hugely over paid, whether they win or lose.
Yet when we have real success either from the Olympians or Andy Murray they get slated for making money from their fame.

In the US, China, Russia and Romania their gymnasts are treated like superstars when they win medals. In this country we resent anyone's success if they make money and appear on tv to try something new...
Not slating or resenting anyone because I am not about to pay their bills
I am just a little concerned at the speed at which they are diving into the celebrity thing like there is really nothing else - pretty sad if that is the case. Now I must confess that I am not a fan of reality TV and never will be (if a want reality, i only have to turn off the TV and look around me) so I can safely be ignored because I am probably biased.
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