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Maybe this particular season isn't as bad as the following:

1993/94 - Souness's final season

1998/99 - The worst and Roy Evans' final season as Gerrard Houllier takes sole control

2003/04 - Houllier's final season - remember BBC Radio 5 live on a Sunday for a fair few rings being inundated with callers of Liverpool fans that desperately wanted Houllier out.

2009/10 - Rafa's final season - from a club challenging for the title in the previous season, to a landslide

2010/11 - Roy Hodgson - crashing out to Northampton in the League cup was a real low ebb for Liverpool
The above bar the last all have something in common - the end of an era, its why managers tend to lose their jobs after all. Hodgsen was just a dreadful error.

Rodgers first season has been about fixing systemic shortcomings within the first team squad - too many old players, too many overpaid under utilised players and Kennys signings.

Its very hard to understand why anyone with an ear or an eye could not foresee that the first season was going to be tough going. This season is not yet over and I for one am confident that the final points tally in May (when this thread would have been better started) will be 10-12 points better than last season.

No trophies sure but a younger, fitter, hungrier cheaper squad that can be developed rather than another dead end a la Hodgson and Dalglish.
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