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Didn't they refuse to put Robbie Williams' song Candy on their playlist, even though it got to Number 1, because Robbie it too old? IIRC Nick Grimshaw said that Robbie was no longer relevant. Charming. It's a shame Radio 1 have gone this way.
I'm not sure if it was the whole of R1, but Grimshaw definitely refused to play it because he thinks that Robbie is no longer relevant. It's no wonder that there are so few artists enjoying long term careers these days when stations like R1 are refusing to play anyone who's been around longer than about two years.

The fact that Candy still got to #1 without their full support just proves how out of touch R1 has become. There are so many songs that become huge top ten hits that Radio 1 never touch, but commercial stations play them ad nauseum. Another example is "Drive By" by Train. Never off Heart etc, I don't think I heard it on R1 once.
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