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I cannot see how these diets work ?? they are not teaching the person to have a change they can sustain for life, which is what we all need.
I think it depends on why you get fat in the first place. I know several people who have lost weight and sustained it in the long term on VLCDs. In my case I initally put on weight as a teenager due to being on (prescribed) steroids and then again when I was older through a sudden change in circumstances (unconnected to food). Obviously if you're an emotional eater then it wouldn't work because it can't change your psyche but if you gain a lot of weight quickly through non food related reasons and then just stay the same and can't shift it - well it seems to work in those circumstances. I haven't gone for it before partly because it's a bit grim at the time you do it and partly because I have a few medical issues (including anaemia) but I think it's getting to the stage where needing to shift a few stone is becoming more important. Ultimately I'll take the advice of a GP/GP's nutritionist. I don't think anyone should do these diets without close medical guidance and supervision.
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