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I'm always amused by people that tell me(with appetite) in one breath Liverpool aren't a big club any more then in the next tell me I'm a glory hunter for supporting them. Aside from Istanbul, I must have missed the buckets of glory we have bathed in over the last 2 decades or so then.

We're a typical fair to middling side at the moment capable of widely varying form and results from one week to the next and we're well off the pace of the big boys on and off the field.

Based on previous decisions I wouldn't be surprised to see FSG showing Rodgers the door in the summer if they calculate we have gone backwards this season. People disagree with this but can't really justify it beyond saying "he won't be fired". Why not? If we don't better 8th and a cup this season they could easily decide that isn't good enough. And we ain't gonna win a cup. They might be wrong, but it's their decision to make.
Of course they can fire him but they would lose a lot of credibility in doing so.

They have specifically seeked out a man who in their eyes is capable of rebuilding a sustainable, challenging football team, not a short term fix. Now whether Rodgers is that or not in reality is another matter, but given that he has been chosen then surely he needs to be given the appropriate time by the owners to put that plan into action?

It would also be extremely short sighted to allow him to spend money in January in those circumstances. Unless we buy into the stories that it wasnt actually BR who was doing the buying, which seems a little far-fetched.

In any other walk of life you wouldnt be given a period of time to complete a task and then sacked a quarter of the way into that period because the task wasnt already completed. Unless of course he has been told that CL qualification is a requirement this season or something like that, but i dont think thats in keeping with the job spec at this stage.
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