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I like Alex's singing, however I dislike how sloppy she has managed things. I also like all black artists to do well in the public eye. However I do dislike you. I dislike the way you are towards other female artists doing better than she is and I also dislike how some of you behave on twitter with the rudeness. Maybe some of the fans and they way they act at times contribute to the hate she gets.

Though the dramatics that occur on here ever other day does make me

Always sad that the black females artists always end up with hoodish fraction of their fanbase, it's off putting and the negative connotations that are still attached to black people are highlighted because of this.

Sometimes you need to learn to keep your mouth shut Zack
I find this really offensive. We've done no such thing apart from speak out about our worries regarding Alex's career and just because other fans are refusing to speak up and ask doesn't mean we won't. So I don't really how that's hoodish...

It's a shame because I actually agreed with most of what you said in the post about Alex and what she needs to do/ have done....
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