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Not slating or resenting anyone because I am not about to pay their bills
I am just a little concerned at the speed at which they are diving into the celebrity thing like there is really nothing else - pretty sad if that is the case. Now I must confess that I am not a fan of reality TV and never will be (if a want reality, i only have to turn off the TV and look around me) so I can safely be ignored because I am probably biased.
They have worked hard for years for a moment to make some money, if they wait they will be forgotten or they will run out of time because they need to concentrate on training again.
I am no fan of reality tv, I don't see Strictly or DOI as reality TV, they are competitions where people can transfer their skills and people can see the person away from the sport.
Many athletes take time out after an Olympics, it is a time when the women might have a child, because they can recover in time to train again. Or they know they have had enough and quit.
Sometimes if someone has something special that shows up on TV, they can get a career from it. John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Tracy Austin have all become excellent commentators of tennis. One thing they have over the British commentators is they know what it is like to win grand slams.
Louis Smith and Beth Tweddle could also make a career out of coaching abroad and make good money too.
Others get endorsements and make money that way...At least they are famous for high achievement and they are also getting funding for their sports.
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