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Ok so I'm flying to New York JFK on Monday from London Heathrow and I cant take my mind of it. I don't know what to do I'm just so anxious. I havent flown since I was 12...

It's a hulking boeing 747 to make things worse...

I guess what scares me most is take off, the motion, the angle when the plane banks... ugh

I've never had a panic attack before but this anticipation is killing me. I thought I'd be okay but this is getting worse and worse. Theres no going back.. I need help
Oh WOW! Lucky you! Once you have taken off you feel no real movement on a 747 until you are landing. Tell the stewards on board that you are a bit scared as you havent flown for ages and they'll look after you.

You'll wonder what all the fuss was about when you are taking pics of the statue of liberty!

Have a lovely time

Edit:Rescue Remedy works for my other half - you can buy it in Boots
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