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I don't think Matt will come last in the telephone vote. Could still be in the skate off I suppose, depending on how other votes go.

I just can't see that Luke has that great a following Although I suppose he must do, to have never been in the bottom two?
Luke has definitely beaten Gareth (week 3), Matt (week 5) in the public vote at least once. However, there's no evidence that he beat anyone other than Keith last week.

This could have happened:

Beth 3+6=9
Samia 2+5=7
Luke 4+4=8
Gareth 5+3=8
Matt 6+2=8
Keith 1+1=2

or this:

Beth 3+6=9
Matt 6+5=11
Gareth 5+4=9
Samia 2+3=5
Luke 4+2=6
Keith 1+1=2

With the @rse about t1t leaderboard that happened last week, the possibilities are endless. I remain hopeful that the gulf in ability between the top three and the other two will be soooo obvious this week that the public will decide enough is enough. I say I remain hopeful. I'm not holding my breath.
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