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Europa League doing brilliant business for ITV - Liverpool game rating almost bang in line with Arsenal Champions League game on Tuesday at approx 10% of the cost (maybe even a bit lower - can't really calculate precisely per game).

Of course lots of risk with the EL as less certainty who'll be in it and how far English clubs will go if they don't take it seriously - but ITV (/ITV4) got 8 Liverpool games and will get 10 Spurs games minimum even if they go out in last 16.

Will be interesting to see whether BT/Sky make a big play for the EL next time - it really is proving absolutely unbelievably good value for ITV this season.

Of course you could say if Man Utd go out to Real then they will have had bad value from the CL so swings and roundabouts to some degree. But even so, EL seems extraordinarily cheap at the moment.
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