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I think I'll just leave you in your own little imagined world, obviously you know better than everyone else - and the commercial reasons for everything you don't like are there just to annoy you
Nigel, just because you cannot come up with a sensible argument to explain why the likes of Sky and Virgin seem to need to operate in a completely different way to virtually every other business does not mean that anyone who does not consider that indicative of some commercial necessity is 'living in a world of their own'.

I think it is a lot closer to the truth to say that those who defend monopolistic practices without any credible argument lack both the imagination and and business understanding to see that something is inherently wrong with the paradigm.

After all, in your little world, Lovefilm and Netflix cannot possibly be offering their streaming service because if Sky cannot offer single channels how on earth can companies offer unlimited access to single programmes and series at a small fraction of the cost?
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