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I know there's no excuse for not doing something at the weekend but a lot of time I just want to rest, meet friends or catch up on on housework after the working week.

It's a cycle I'll have to break because if I did get exercise I'd probably feel as if I had more energy.
Speaking of 'cycle', would it be safe and practical for you to cycle to work instead of taking the bus?

Congratulations to Hetal and everyone else who lost weight.

I'm still 300 calories short of my target today, and my son has eaten all the bourbon biscuits. Not sure what to do with this surfeit. Ah, a banana will consume 1/3 of it.

Thanks,its Reebok from agros was on offer on argos tv from 250 to 199
I had a look and the Reebok ones are quite expensive and have good reviews. In fact the entire range sold at Argos seem to have gone up-market a lot. It used to be that you could buy so-called exercise bikes for 30 or so, but they simply weren't any good.
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