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Surely you mean frequency response? Cut off normally refers to the xover side of the settings. i.e if the sub has a frequency of 35hz to 200hz and you set the xover/cut off to 80hz the sub restricts all frequencies above 80hz.
Yes, I did mean frequency response, cut-off referring to the lower limit. If you look at 200 subs they all have a frequency response ending at 35Hz or so.

You can pick up a decent sub for well under 500, the B&K 200 series is 300, plenty of good quality bass for the average setup/room, it'll push out 17hz @6db, in real terms you should get a good usable 20hz out of it.
Fair enough, I was not aware of that model -- but that is significantly cheaper than similar units from the larger manufacturers and still represents a much larger outlay (when the satellites are added to the mix) than a set of floorstanders on their own.
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