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Don't know if this has been posted, but part of this week's Popbitch mailout directed to this.

''I haven't got a favourite group, but I have 4 sisters and two brothers, all of whom are quite sane and normal''.
You know in the autobiography that JS wrote back in 1974 he didn't keep it a secret that he liked to bed young girls and three in a bed with them either. The BBC knew what he was like and wouldn't have been a surprise to them when they saw his book at the time.
In the interview linked in Saltydog's quote above above he said the same thing and somehow it was never questioned. There are about three remarks which indicate his predilection esp. the one about being discovered in the early hours of the morning with 5 girls in his caravan by the parents of one of them.

It's also of interest to me that he also said he had no favourite singer then to another question no favourite group. Doesn't indicate much interest in the pop scene really, does it?
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