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Yes they have! He must've been getting hundreds of tweets, as he asked to be left alone, his niece (who he took to the BRITs) wanted a picture with One Direction, and Liam refused, but Harry obliged. George tweeted support of Harry and his lack of support for Liam's rudeness. I agree, they are nasty trolls, in the same league as Lady Gaga's 'Little Monsters'.
I watched his Alan Carr Chatty Man interview on 4Music the other day (a repeat) an he was talking about prison and the good it did to him, he also said he didn't go in the showers for a week until he'd chiseled the black nail varnish off his toenails he'd forgot about! He is a true star, and he's pulled it all back together, I just wish MJ could've done the same.
He IS a true star. As for Liam, he needs a good slap round the legs!! Silly child.

yes I thought that ... the personal jibes and patronising tone from a kid who has little talent and is a product of clever marketing to a 50 year old pop icon is very disrespectful and shows immaturity and a sense of ego/self importance ... at least george's style has always been his own and not a creation of puppet masters

I wonder if Liam will be making music in his 50's & have a successful West End show about his life

a couple of 1D seem to have let fame go to their heads
Great post

Getting some real homophobic abuse from little girls now. I'm in my late 30s so a lot of these little girls are born to parents of my generation. How sad that they didn't drill it into their heads that it's not ok to call someone a fagg*t. I thought we'd brought them up better than that.
They're just getting desperate now, stooping to any level to get back at George and he's way too intelligent for them. They really are a sorry bunch.
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