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Hosting from Wembley I believe, with Ian Abrahams as reporter.
Thanks, Georgie hosted both games of their double header on League Cup Final day from Wembley Stadium last season so this is what I was expecting. It isn't a great surprise either that Ian Abrahams is on pitchside reporting duty, some of his best work for talkSPORT has been at Cup and Play-Off Finals as he's very adept at talking to fans on Wembley Way pre-match and then collaring players on the pitch immediately after the final whistle.

I would have liked to have seen talkSPORT's regional correspondents who regularly cover the clubs involved - in this case John Temple and Roger Hughes - being involved as well, as has been the case on their coverage of this final in recent seasons. Given that both team's local commercial radio partners are UTV Radio-owned, perhaps they might be involved as reporters on Pulse and Swansea Sound's respective commentaries.

Who was commentating for 5Live SPX?
The broadcast hasn't been uploaded to the iPlayer but going by Twitter, Conor McNamara and Kevin Gallacher commentated on Leeds United v Blackpool. So it was another occasion when Radio 5 Live Sports Extra produced their own commentary on a Football League game rather than taking the BBC Local Radio commentary for the home club, which had been the common thing they were doing during the first half of the year.
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