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She was pictured at the woolmark event recently without sunglasses and she looks absolutely awful without them. Sunken, small eyes with big dark shadows underneath them. IMO that's why she wears them 24/7.

She clearly hates her teeth as she immediately puts her hand over her mouth as soon as she laughs or smiles.

I've never seen anyone look so insecure, stiff, awkward, and unable to relax as Victoria Beckham. Compared to her kids and husband, who just act and are photographed interacting like normal human beings, she looks painfully robotic and 'practiced'.

The 'Victoria' pose - the one foot in front of the other, head bent at a weird angle giving her a strange humped neck, no smile, hip forward - just looks ludicrous, as she jumps into said pose the instant anyone wants a still pic.

I think people would identify with her more and possibly even like her a little more if she'd just relax a bit.
She's been like this since she went to America, she needs to get a grip, act more like a human and eat some real food.
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