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Mr Blobby I have heard conflicting stories on. One says he is now a champion wrestler. Another says he hires himself out to fetes, adventure parks and parties for kids to jump up and down on.
Of course Mr Blobby & Noel Edmonds had a falling out in the mid 1990s resulting in both largely falling from the public eye. Largely disillusioned with showbiz Mr Blobby enrolled at Exeter University and went on to earn a MSc in financial analysis and fund management, BSc in pure mathematics, statistics and mathematical sciences and a Masters in behavioural and biological psychology.

With his newly gained mathematical skills he reconciled with the former Radio 1 DJ & 1970s TOTP host (who was by now envious how his one time rival Saturday mornings kid TV presenter Chris Tarrant had done with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) to reunite to produce the highly popular teatime Channel 4 gameshow that is still going to this day where Mr Blobby (who both agreed was better to be heard rather than seen) can be heard on a daily basis via his Blobby human voice converter (or "The Banker" as he is now referred to in reference to a memorable 1992 "Gotcha" episode of Noel's House Party by former England Rugby Union captain Will Carling) relaying his financial offers to Edmonds via telephone.
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