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Because the problem may not actually be fixable without upgrading to an Infinity type service. You don't appear to have said what the problem is but if it is rubbish speeds due to long line length then the solution really is to upgrade to something like Infinity. BT cannot change the laws of physics.
The problem is with my connection constantly cutting out, sometimes several times in a few minutes.
Again, if I'm correct (and if Infinity is available where you are), you're really causing problems for yourself by refusing to upgrade to a service that would presumably fix the problem.
And no you're not correct, I have already said BT Infinity is NOT available where I am.

BT Infinity would be more expensive and to be honest if I am paying for a service with decent connection, why should I upgrade and pay more for something which should do what I originally paid for?

If they could give it to me at the same price, fair enough but I can't see what happening can you?
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