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Nobody watching this series anymore? Pity as it was the best one in the run today - Tony Curtis aka Bernie Schwartz. A fascinating man, a fine actor and a raconteur to rival Ustinov and Fry IMO. The compilation of interviews today was almost entirely new to my eyes, his Parkinson appearances by far the most interesting of the bunch, Sadly the later interviews consisted mostly of Wogan appearances, yet again illustrating what a clod and buffoon the Irishman was wasting oppoutunities to get these great stars on the record in their final years preferring instead to act the tit in service of his own aggrandisement.

He was a fine painter as well - I particularly liked the abstract figurative painting shown on the programme today. Reminded me of the brilliant work of Richard Powers.

What a shame the BBC couldn’t scare up a decent Curtis flick to accompany the programme instead of the risible Black Shield of Falworth. Sweet Smell of Success would have been the obvious choice but no less brilliant for that.
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