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This weekís was fascinating I thought. Made me realise I hadnít seen Wayne interviewed that often (probably only on Parkinson) so it was a revelation to see the interviews from 1960 showing he wasnít just some lunk who sleepwalked through his films, he really understood the characters he was playing and spoke eloquently and intelligently about them and the filmmaking process. Later interviews revealed some ill-advised political viewpoints and a begrudging acceptance of equal rights but Iíd say out of all the subjects covered thus far in this series, todayís ep. shed the most new light on itís subject for me. Fascinating as well seeing the behind the scenes footage of Siegelís superb, The Shootist.
Like you i was pleasantly surprised as to how Wayne spoke in real life. I've never seen interviews with him before, so he really came across as an intellegent film maker. I loved him adressing the hippys andgiving as good as he got. Came across as a true gent who could laugh at himself, a proper Hollywood icon.

I've recorded todays one with Tony Curtis, looking forward to it.
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